57th Annual Covington 4th of July Celebration in Covington Indiana
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Wednesday 6:30-8pm Big Pavilion City Park
Thursday 5-6:30pm Big Pavilion City Park

Covington Celebration Group

The Covington Celebration Group would like to welcome all who come out to the 4th of July celebration in Covington IN.

Our group is made up of volenteers who get together once a month to plan and put together the 4th of July festival. 

We hope you like the celebration and if you have any ideas or suggestions for improving our celebration you can contact any of our members. 

Members include: 

Matthew Lynch (President)      Bob Shelby (Vice President) 

Henry Schmitt (Secretary/Treasurer)      Alan Lynch (Entertainment/Director)

Rick Talbert (Director)     Denise Vollmer (Queen Contest Director)

Dottie Vollmer (Queen Contest Director)     George Linquist (Special Assistant)

Keith Klossner (Ministerial Association)    Jerry Pope (Member)

Amy Thompson (Member)    Marty LaFoe (Member)

Jeff Congleton (Park Manager)